tips & trends


After years of restrained minimalism, meet maximalism, where more is more by mixing colors and prints, and by adding animal-inspired furnishings, drapes that add a sense of elegance, patterned upholstery, flow blue china, artwork with faces, pretty décor especially in tabletop items, curvy furniture, abstract geometric works in bright colors, and wicker.

lampshades with character

We’re seeing strong interest in pleated and patterned lampshades, a great way to get sophisticated and bringing freshness to existing lighting pieces.


The unexpected trend of 2018 – the exotic and happy influence of fringe furniture. It’s a bit retro but combined with bold vibrant colours and prints results in an elegant and eclectic space.

floral arrangements

After a very grey winter, create three groupings of flowers to grace your kitchen, your living room and entrance.


Bring a much needed dose of wit and surprise to spaces. Splurge, splurge, splurge on unique pieces.


Pretty items such as tureens, opaline, blush, robins egg glassware, flow blue and mismatched antique plates and platters are in the future.

color trends for 2018

Sage, marigold, ultra violet, cayenne, oceanside teal, dark plum, blush, burnt orange, red, bottle green, shades of blue, deep turquoise, black chiffon, stone white, olive, yellow, mushroom, lilac and taupe.