My kitchen needed updating. The cabinets were so old and the layout just did not work. Also all my appliances were dying. I asked Lidia if she would help me renovate the kitchen and help me pick the perfect appliances.

Lidia did that and much more! She redesigned the whole kitchen and worked with the cabinet maker to custom build my cabinets. Lidia has an amazing sense of style and colour. She picked the most beautiful shades of grey for the cabinets, countertop and a beautiful backsplash, which I admire every time I look at it! My condo is an open area so the colors needed to flow, and now go beautifully with the rest of my condo. Lidia worked with my contractors/plumbers/electricians throughout the entire process. She caught some problems in time and made sure they were corrected. She was with me when we bought 6 appliances, made a chart and took notes weighing the pros and cons of all the appliances we looked at. Some of the appliances were delivered damaged, however Lidia worked with the store and the manufacturer to get the appliances fixed and in the case of the washer, replaced! When my kitchen was finally finished, Lidia added nice touches that I absolutely love e.g. a kitchen carpet, some decorative items, and rearranged a few pieces to make it all work.

I'm hoping to renovate my washrooms at some point in the near future, and Lidia will be there with me. I can't do it without her!

– Vincy

You have such good ideas and designs… I really think your one shelf look across the buffet is so 60's and with it. The china cabinet is dated and huge looking… your lines are clean. You amaze me, you are so creative. As you can see I couldn't let this go. Thank you for saying we could change and for being so understanding… you are so professional. I love the new design. Love looking at your ideas, so much fun.

I have forwarded these beautiful layouts to my husband. Thank you for staying up till 4 am in order to have these layouts ready for our meeting… and me! We really appreciate your creative mind and hard working ethic.

I took over the sketches and your drawings to show my parents along with the two cupboard doors I have in the paint colors that you picked out in 10 minutes and the Caesar stone samples. They loved it all. Thank you giving so much thought to the drawers of the island.

Thank you so much for giving up a big portion of a lovely day to spend with me in my kitchen, you always bring me back on track! You are very mythological and really listen to me and have great ideas. You have no problem when I swing from one of your great designs to another, you just go with the flow and never get upset with me. You are amazing. I appreciate your patience. Love the latest and last design.

Thank you Lid for all your hard work, ideas, and taking care of us.

– Sharyn & John

OMG! Are you kidding! I luv luv luv my condo. I don’t think I will ever change a thing!

I had collected some photos of how I would want my condo to look like, however, when it was time to pick furniture and styles I was stuck. I knew what I liked but I didn’t know how to put it together, make the rooms flow or match the colors. I am so lucky that I found Lidia to help me decorate! I now have this beautiful condo that every time I open the door to enter I think OMG I love my place! Each room flows into the next room. The colors match beautifully. Lidia quickly learned what I liked and what I didn’t like and put together a home that was perfect for me.

My condo is my haven. I love inviting people over and so proud when they all love it as much as I do. Two and a half years later, I haven’t moved or changed anything around, I adore my home!

– Vincy