about us

TLC Rooms, a proud member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), specializes in residential interiors, nationally and abroad. Responding to your specific aspirations, we balance creativity with financial management, and apply Feng Shui to bring harmony to the whole decorating experience. Whether a home, urban apartment, cottage or seaside escape, we deliver beautiful spaces that encapsulate your taste.


Rising decorator Lidia Vouchak has won interesting commissions since 2011. As a decorator, she creates unique residences that reflect exactly the way you want to live no matter the scale of the project or where you reside, and integrate meticulous space planning. She will shop exhaustively for the right statement piece and price. Variously described as a creative visionary, Lidia is a true chameleon of “looks.”


A graduate of Concordia University and a feng shui expert, Lidia led a successful career in communications and project management prior to kick starting her future career path in home decorating. From opening a tea shop in Montreal, remodeling a two-floor condo unit in the Cayman Islands, to launching Taska Designs (handbags) to the Montreal and Toronto scene – where a select number of these handbags were used by stylists in Toronto’s entertainment industry for film productions – Lidia’s first commission came from redecorating a friend’s apartment, which led to a panoply of exciting projects.


Projects include: remodeling and redesigning a tired four-bedroom cottage in Northumberland; redecorating a classic apartment in Forest Hill; decorating a coastal-inspired two-bedroom condo in Vaughan; reorganizing and redecorating an eclectic-style apartment in the Beaches; redecorating a traditional four-bedroom house in Montreal; remodeling a two-story rental condo in the Caribbean; reorganizing a family home in Leslieville. She has recently been commissioned to remodel the main floor of a home in Ottawa.



In-home consultations help us get a real sense of space, your preferences and your lifestyle requirements. Typically, 1 ½ hours works well.

custom services

We offer custom throw pillows, lampshades, upholstery, chalk painting, window treatments, and furniture shopping services to fit all of your needs. Please contact us for more information.

design & project management

We offer multiple design layouts and space planning ideas to ensure we have explored every opportunity. We also ensure that every aspect of the work is carried-out to your complete satisfaction, obtain permits, coordinate teams, attend meetings, and make sure that schedules are strictly adhered to and costs are carefully managed. Having a project manager onsite allows you to have a single point of contact from the initial planning and design to the fully finished handover of the project; it also helps you manage unexpected surprises. Our confidence in this approach is based on our 15+ years of experience managing projects.

expert shopping

Have you ever heard these comments before: Where did you find this? I’ve never seen this before! I would never have thought! How about a designer cushion for $40 when displayed for $200? And, what about all those trips to multiple stores and returns?

We constantly look for fresh sources and there’s nothing that says you have to splurge on everything to make your home look beautiful. Balancing your spending is the trick.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in shopping, assessing products, and locating them quickly. Join our smart shopper circle today.


We can make your dreams come true.

As a homeowner, we know that being a homeowner comes with challenges – do you update or renovate? But breathing new life into a space doesn’t mean a full renovation. There are many ways to combine your favorite elements in any room and experience the colliding worlds of old and new.

Some of our favorite spaces were transformed by changing colour palettes, adding wallpaper and shelves, incorporating made-to-order lampshades, making custom pillows and even adding a fringe to sofas. Sometimes even a rug can create a little distraction instead of replacing floor tiles.

From exuberant colours and over-scaled patterns to cool neutrals and simplicity, you can commission us to deliver exactly what you have been looking for whether an eclectic, classic or modern look. No matter the scale or location of your project, we can help you explore your home’s full potential.

48-hour makeover

Get your space into shape in just 48-hours. It might sound like mission impossible, but it’s not. With the focus on redecoration, a fresh new look awaits you in just a weekend.

TLC Rooms continues to keep it simple…

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